Dieckerhoff Guss: Our passion – Your engine

We are specialised in the manufacture of engine components made of spheroidal (nodular) graphite cast iron (unalloyed, increased Si content, SiMo), cast iron with vermicular-type (compacted) graphite (SiMo) and Ni-Resist (austenitic cast iron, e.g. D5 S) for various temperature requirements.

Together with our specialists in material and product development, we look after our customers’ projects from the initial idea through to series production.
The focus here lies on exhaust manifolds, turbocharger housings, integrated turbo manifolds, supports etc.

With our specialists we offer you

  • Consulting on all aspects relating to the subject of material
  • Translation of your wishes into ideas and prototypes in the shortest of time
  • Consulting and implementation for the solution tailored to your needs through to series maturity

With our background as an experienced iron foundry and the focus on highly alloyed materials, we understand ourselves as a reliable partner for the automotive industry.